As the official philanthropic partner of Glacier National Park, the Conservancy is proud to provide funding for vital projects and programs that preserve and protect the park for future generations.

NOTE: Your project must be vetted and pre-approved by park leadership before submitting. If you have not gone through this process, please talk to your division chief before submitting.


As the official philanthropic partner of Glacier National Park, the Conservancy is proud to provide funding for vital park projects and programs. 


Grant Criteria

The Conservancy has been working closely with Park leadership to identify strategic alignment for funding priorities. Projects may align with the shared vision, guiding principles, and program pillar goals identified by the Park and Conservancy working groups outlined below. View the full GNP and GNPC Collaborative Plan for more information.

*NOTE: Project alignment with a program pillar is not required to apply.

**GNPC grants typically do not fund multi-year scientific studies that exceed 3 years.

I. Vision

Preserve and protect the natural and cultural resources of Glacier National Park for the education, inspiration, and enjoyment of generations. 

II. Program Pillars

The three program pillars represent the specific issue areas of collaboration between the Park and the Conservancy developed in collaborative Working Groups co-chaired by key leaders of the Park and the Conservancy and whose work helps direct actionable proposals as part of the grants process.

Pillar One: Wilderness

  • Investments in wilderness preservation resulting in improvements that benefit wildlife populations, natural and cultural resources, and the overall ecosystem.

Pillar Two: Wildlife

  • Investments that preserve biodiversity, promote the abundance of wildlife and successfully defend against potential threats. 

Pillar Three: Wonder

  • Investments in curriculum-based education, interpretation, environmental science education, and community engagement that foster future park stewards.

III. Guiding Principles

  • Maintain preservation of the resource as the fundamental baseline for all of our work.
  • Build capacity to help fill the growing gap between the needs and available resources of Glacier National Park.
  • Strengthen tribal relations and partnerships to encourage co-stewardship efforts with tribal communities that hold deep connections to the park.
  • Ensure opportunities provide for enriching visitor experience interactions within the overall vision of preserving and protecting the natural and cultural resources of Glacier National Park.


  • Agreement to implement donor recognition strategies when appropriate, including acknowledgment of Conservancy support in print materials, when speaking to the public or members of the press, and coordinating with the Associate Director of Programs & Policy for donor visits, photography and video opportunities, and special events.
  • Project managers may be asked to assist in facilitating the installation of donor signage in accordance with Glacier National Park’s Donor Recognition Plan and Director’s Order #21.
  • Projects are required to be completed in a timely fashion, even when there are changes in project managers or park priorities. The project coordinator must contact the Conservancy’s Associate Director of Programs & Policy to seek prior approval for changes to project scope, schedule, and management. If projects are completed under budget, excess funds will be reallocated by the Conservancy to other park priority projects.
  • Status reports should be completed three times annually. Additional information may be requested periodically throughout the duration of the project. 

This form is used to request the release of project funds. Funds can be paid directly by the Conservancy (payment to an intern, direct payment to vendors, online orders, direct reimbursement, etc) or transferred to an NPS donation account.  Please allow 30 days for processing.

NOTE: GNPC is unable to reimburse or make direct payments to current NPS employees.

Glacier National Park Conservancy (GNPC) is the official non-profit fundraising partner of Glacier National Park. We work to preserve and protect Glacier National Park for future generations.

GNPC operates four retail stores in and around the park. We hire about 30 seasonal employees  to work in our stores and warehouse. It's retail with a mission statement! 

The busy summer season runs from May - October, but there is some flexibility in dates of employment. Limited space is available in our employee house, and we can help secure a limited number of RV sites in the area.

Please contact Renee Metcalf for more information:

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